Seinabo Sey, in and around Berlin – yes please.


Seinabo Sey is coming to Berlin. This is exciting. I’m excited. Why I am so excited is quite remarkable – because really the old girl only has two tracks out, so it’s like – how long can a set go for? Perhaps that’s the exciting bit? The unknown. Probably this is what is always exciting, in life. How unsexy is knowing EXACTLY where you will be in 2 months, pretty unsexy.

What is sexy is knowing Seinabo Sey is coming to Berlin, and we are 2 for 2 with all she has ever put those chops behind. She’s attacking First We Take Berlin which is coming to a venue near you on the 4/5th of September as part of Berlin Music Week. You wanna know who is going to be there? This guy.

Berlin – shit yeah.


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