Seasonal depression – it happens.


So – I have decided I get seasonally depressed. Frankly, this was a little alarming when I didn’t quite realise it was inflicted by the climate. You know because during winter, I’m all like “I don’t want to go out today – I just want to watch a movie and cook food.” – and that gets scary. Seriously, not doing anything for 4 months is like “Hey – are you going to now start eating roast chickens and hiding the bones under your bed (ala – Britney Murphy Girl Interrupted)?”

The answer my friends is – NO! See the weather has sort of turned itself on this week, and it really makes me realise I don’t hate it here as much as I sometimes voice. The weather sucks, but the city is pretty cool – so when it is sunny – getting life done is A-OK.

However the fact of the matter is – it is probably only 16’C outside and sunny, and I’m all like – SUMMER HAS HIT! now is that like the saddest thing on the earth, or is it sort of charming – that all it takes is a bit of sunshine, and moods are completely lifted…?

Fucked if I know – but I feel like a day in the park and a 40, right now.


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