San Francisco


PIZZA, that’s all I have to say. Eat it, it’s actually delicious. Not the main restaurant, although that is really pretty delicious also – but the Pizzeria, is the bomb dot com.

I’m sure there are better taco places, like I’m pretty sure there is one on Mission between 24/25th that is really good (the name escapes me) but Papalote at 24th/ Valencia actually has THE best fish tacos > ever.

Chez Panisse (cafe)
The upstairs of Chez Panisse is actually the tits. If you do nothing else in San Francisco get on the BART and head there. You will die and go to organic, farm to table heaven.

Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails. YES ma’am.

Lone Palm
This place has strong drinks, linen table cloths, and plays reasonably good music – for an American dive bar. It’s drinks with mates/ dates perfection. Unless your date is an idiot, as it’s small – which leaves very little room for escaping.

Ridiculous taco’s but ALSO their spicy margarita is the best shit ever. Get it in your stomach, immediately.

Lion Pub
This place has free cheese. and rad cocktails. Like fresh and delicious, get there – on a week day. On the weekends it’s probably not a nice place to be.

My all time fav dive bar in SF. I don’t know whether it’s the 3.75 vodka sodas, or the effortlessly hipster crowd > but I feel at home/ luscious here.

Dear Mom/ Mum
It’s a good time, it’s new (as of 2012) – get at it while it’s still good.

This is a no joke tourist attraction. You need to go. that’s it.

You need at least 2 nights there. Giving you one full day to hike about. I’m not much of a hiker, but you could give it a fair crack on the little trails and it’s actually crazy amazing.

Lombard Street
It’s windy, it’s San Francisco – it’s an easy check box, it would be rude not to venture there.


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