Sameblod has a new song/ songs out – dreamtime.


Sameblod Norwegian SummerIt’s coming into that really magical part of the year, when you can leave the house without a jumper, wear sandals, ride your bike without a scarf, and all sorts of warm weather wonders. It’s not that Germany has the most amazing summer – because no offense, it’s fucking terrible. It’s just that anything is better than the Game of Thrones winter we just had to endure.

And just as this most magical part of the year arrives, so does a new song from Sameblod, which when paired with my overall feelings of current life is pretty bloody marvelous.

Coincidentally this new track from Sameblod is called Norwegian Summer. To be fair, I can’t imagine that a Norwegian summer is even that warm…? I mean – probably it is when you are from the northern regions of the world, and maybe an Australian version of the song is to be something like “Queensland Summer” or…. “(Southern) European Summer”? It’s not really as catchy.

Have a listen to the latest and greatest from the group – it’s warm but cold, at the very same time. Silence is also available for your consumption on the B-side (or below). I’m never really sure what the B-side means. Mostly because weren’t B-side like for tapes or records or something that you could hold and turn over, to it’s B-side… We are on the Internet.

Their EP Swoon is out on Norwegian label Riot Factory the 31st May – and even if it’s not true at all, I like to think I played a small part in its name.




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