SWEATSHIRT melts me to my Berlin core.


I don’t even really know what to say about S W E A T S H I R T. I don’t know where this group of German sass has appeared from – and frankly don’t care, as the real question is: why did it take me this long to locate?

The group is made up of Eric Crusher and Chloe (much like Madonna, no last name) > and I can dig the shit out of it. Trolling through Eric Crusher’s Soundcloud – which is initially where I located this song – I can’t seem to get enough of the disco. And thank fuck they are from Berlin, Imma hit a concert – and we are going to be friends. END.

The fact that they make songs about Unicorns – makes me melt into my chair a bit. I’m sure it’s not really about unicorns and said unicorn symbolizes some sort of wonderful human. But all I hear is UNICORN and I want to bundle this one up – and pop in my pocket for the PARTY of all pocket parties.

Sit back into this – let the lovely wash right over you.


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