Rough Days For Diamond Trade – longest name ever.


Here’s a newsflash – coming into winter is some gloomy emotions. Not that I am depressive – but it’s kind of heartbreaking to know that the motherland (Australia) is just coming into the months of summer. And here I am – trying to figure out if I have enough layers on.

I got some inbox loving the other week – that being Rough Days For Diamond Trade. And this, right here (albeit having the longest name ever) is the perfect winter soundtrack. It’s depressingly beautiful – in that way where I just want to get into bed with it even though I know that is a TERRIBLE idea. Described as the “sounds of broken hearts on the dance floor.” I concur – this is EXACTLY what my heart sounds like when it breaks on a dance floor. READ: Depressingly beautiful.

Check the video below of Anywhere. If you are in and around the Berlin area – homeboy’s having a pseudo release party at a Nordic by Nature type of  Scandinavian Disco on the 12.12.12 > which is kind of hectic > supported by all your great DE music function’ers (Nordic by Nature, No Fear of Pop, nothingbuthopeandpassion and Zitty)

Do yourself a favour and get around Anywhere.

It’s bloody yummy, and it would be so rude not to have a crack.


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