Vintage babe/ tribute – to the late and great Elizabeth Taylor


Elizabeth Taylor – goddess. Was sad sad day on Wednesday when the late and great Elizabeth Taylor passed away in some hospital in LA. Sad. One of the most epic babe statuses to have ever crossed our paths. Perhaps not during the white hair phase, and perhaps not through the semi crazy times – but for (I would say) 90% of her life – she was up there, sassing out with those purple eyes of hers.

This week I was intending on doing a vintage post – and it was going to feature Stevie Nicks – the babe from Fleetwood Mac.. But thank you Janessa, for bringing to my attention – the tribute I should be doing. I say I work in/ around Public Relations – but I’m not even sure how I spaced out on this so badly.

I have been trying to write an “Ode to Ms Taylor” for the longest time now – and I just can’t get my head around it. So much pressure, not enough time.. So for lack of fucking this up, I am going to take an excerpt (translate – the whole post) from Em & Sid – who I think wrote it beautifully (girls, let me know if this is NOT OK!)

“So Elizabeth Talyor has now joined Micheal Jackson and the other legends in the sky.. Sad face.

We have a lot of respect for a woman who can accumulate that many diamonds in on lifetime, rock a pair of statement brows and leave as many men weeping in her path as she did.

Everyone wear your diamonds tonight/ tomozzles… whatevs out of some restepper for the woman who wore bling well, even if it was inappropriate. You should wear diamonds everyday anyway, even if they are teeny (black diamonds in stacking rings for Em) or BIG (a fuck off multi stone ring for Sid). You will feel spesh on the reg.. fact.

Taylor you were the fucking business.” Em & Sid

So from one (future) vintage babe to another, RIP – and rest easy, you’re epic babe status was noted X


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