REPEAT: babe of the week.


UGH – with the intro of a Beyonce run tumblr, I just had to repeat her as babe of the week. I know I haven’t done babe of the week for like weeks – but this shit is too epic to pass up. And honestly – I could just spam Queen Bey daily with the wealth of new images on her tumblr.

I’ve died and gone to my music Jesus heaven. I can’t cope. Like – I am actually having internal struggles right now – because I so desperately want to be her friend. Hang out with Blue. Smoke cigars with Jay. I mean – FARRRRK. If anyone on the planet earth should be friends with the Carter/Knowles – it’s Lucy Isabella Margaret Jasper. FIN.

You know how some of you would be all up on the Obama bandwagon..? Well I like the Obama’s – I’d be keen to chill with the First Lady – get a coffee, hit a target. But honest to God – the Knowles clan is what is up for me – I want to hit the yachts – sail the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, I mean – any island area that requires boats. I get sea sick – long hair don’t care.

We need this.


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