Moving through and through and through these Reepebahn acts like it ain’t no thing. This time on Who to see/ do at Reeperbahn Festival is NONONO, and really I can’t harp on about this enough, they are seriously wonderful. It’s that right amount of delicious pop music that makes my skin get a bit tingly and my feet get all whaaatup.

I love the soothing vibes I’m getting out of Like the Wind. I don’t know whether I am programed to love this shit, whether I’m just a sucker for all things Scandinavia… But whatever the reason – I can get around it.

They will be hitting this grand festival from 25 – 28 September, which if you are not aware Reeperbahn Festival is a musical smorgasbord of hot fresh out the oven acts from all over the globe, right here in Germany.. So if that isn’t reason enough to head to the fair city of Hamburg…

God knows what is.


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