Coming up next in our Who to see/ do at Reeperbahn Festival is Kate Boy. To give you the skinny, Kate Boy are three parts Swede, 1 part Australian. And not to call ideal combo or anything – but that would be it. Any more Australian, and it would probably look like the musical episode of Neighbours does the Nordics, and any less – well it would just be Sweden.

For a very long time I have loved the absolute bejesus out of Kate Boy -and that was before I even knew that 1 part Australia was involved. Shit’s disco with out even batting an eyelid, it’s simple without being boring and quite frankly it makes me want to fist pump like nobodies watching – I don’t often fist pump.

They will be hitting this grand festival from 25 – 28 September, which if you are not aware Reeperbahn Festival is a musical smorgasbord of hot fresh out the oven acts from all over the globe, right here in Germany.. So if that isn’t reason enough to head to the fair city of Hamburg…

God knows what is.


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