REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL ’15: the “It’s Happening, Don’t be Alarmed” Playlist.


As festival season is drawing to a close, we are going out with one final bang and getting firmly around Hamburg’s very own Reeperbahn Festival. During the 23 – 26 September Hamburg will be shutting down and more or less opening it’s streets (predominantly the Reeperbahn but really the whole city will be a buzz) to any and all musical talent that would be keen to hit the second coolest city in Germany.

Due to all the buzz/ vibes/ cliche music blogger words for cool stuff, we thought “Wouldn’t it be a really nice idea to get everyone a playlist? So a playlist is what we did. It’s actually not a GIRLS ONLY playlist (which is our self enforced theme this year) but it’s everything we are a little bit up for seeing. From severe soulful soul music to Australiana disco vibes – there is LITERALLY something for everyone. So pop on your open minded music cap guys because…

Shit’s happening, and you are coming mit.


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