We literally have no time at all until we make the journey over to Hamburg for the Reeperbahn Festival, yay. You know, festivals are always exciting; all the new music is really exciting, all the new people are really exciting, all the drinking is (frankly) pretty exciting. This year, there is a heap of fun music coming out of Reeperbahn, the crowd and type of booze is TBD with regards to levels of fun – but all in all… Exciting.

Due to all the buzz/ vibes/ cliche music blogger words for cool stuff, we thought “Wouldn’t it be a really nice idea to get everyone a playlist? Because: #YOLO.” And a playlist is what we did. It’s not everything, but it’s everything we are a little bit up for seeing. From severe disco (thanks Bron/ housemate of Bron for looking through the line up for me) to experimental Icelandic┬á– there is LITERALLY something for everyone. So pop on your open minded music cap guys because…

T-(something like) 3 days. 3-DAYS.


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