REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL ’14: Gossling Interview


Guys. Meet Gossling. Hey Gossling. Another femme of sass hailing from the motherland, Gossling has a voice of an angel and a set of eyes that just about make you want to scream MARRY ME ! because…babe-town. We are going to keep this fast and furious so here are our must knows, in bullets – just how we like them!

  • The delicious creature that is Gossling hails from Melbourne – which, FYI rest of the world, is the more superior city.
  • But actually – she is from a little town with a hyphenated name Albury-Wodonga, how’s that. Things you should know? Wodonga has Australia’s best small town bakery – as voted by me.
  • 4 people make up Gossling – Helen, and 3 dudes by the names: Joshua, Peter and Ryan – 1. how from the bible are these guys? 2. these are some ratio odds we’d be into.
  • The music is delicious folksy pop that makes you want to ride in cars with boys – with the top down. The convertible top down, not yours because that’s just bad manners on a highway.
  • Harvest of Gold was the teams debut album in 2013, everyone loved it – you should buy it.

This year we are off to Reeperbahn Festival to rep all things Australian, because it seems Australians are thing – Europe is so slow sometimes, I could have told them this ages ago. What’s Reeperbahn? Well.. I’m glad you asked. The weekend before my birthday (pop it in your calendar 23 September “Celebrate Lucy’s life”) Hamburg is shutting down and more or less opening it’s streets to any and all musical talent that would grace it’s fair streets, predominantly the Reeperbahn, but really the whole city will be a buzz. 

To me – the Reeperbahn Festival is more of less Germany’s answer to SXSW.. And if that’s not a good endorsement, I don’t know what is. It runs from the 17 – 20th of September – I will be there, so will Gossling.

Let’s all get Mexicanas !!


Q. Who are you? – in 140 characters or less.
A. My name is Helen Croome and I perform under the name of Gossling. I’m a singer/songwriter from Melbourne.

Q. What is the one stereotype you know about Germany which you hope to be true? When I moved here, I was really hoping people casually yodeled… They don’t.
A. I hope everyone wears Lederhosen on the weekends. Just the weekends.

Q. Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Reeperbahn Festival?
A. I hope to discover some new artists that I know nothing about. I love being at a festival and stumbling across an amazing act that I’ve never heard of.

Q. HYPOTHETICAL: We are caught inside a reasonably questionable venue perched along the Reeperbahn – it’s raining, no one has umbrellas – in short, we aren’t leaving. What track are you putting on the Jukebox, what’s your drink of preference and what’s our drinking game?
A. I’d probably choose some James Brown so we could have a bit of a twist on the dance floor. My drink of choice would be a Gin and Tonic and that drinking game where you need to flick a coin in the opponents glass is always fun!

Q. Do you have any guilty musical pleasures? – for example, my (current) dirty little secret is Drake.
A. I’m a fan of Meatloaf. Mostly his ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ record. “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” is a favourite karaoke song.

Q. We have a reasonably international audience on the blog, could you describe for me (in your own words) what a bogan is?
A. Ha! A Bogan is someone who is very relaxed with their speech and clothing, often presenting as unsophisticated. I think there’s a little bit of bogan in most of us in OZ.

Q. To date, what is the highest point in your musical adventures? What has made you all “Look at me mum, I’m fucking doing it !”..Anything?
A. I think the highest point of my musical adventures so far was when I played my first show outside of Australia in London. It was a stand back and look how far I’ve come moment for me.

Q. If you were to pick any one Australian musical icon to sum up the Australian music industry who would it be and why?
A. I’m a huge fan of Sia and the career path she’s taken. She’s had incredible success internationally with her songwriting and has managed to bounce between Indie and Commercial genres, writing for herself and other huge pop acts. I think she is a songwriting genius.

Q. What would you rather battle – 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? Discuss.
A. Ha! Wow, that’s tricky. 100 of any mutant animal is a lot. Even if they are only duck sized. I would go with the one horse sized duck and hope I could be some what of a duck whisperer. We would become friends.

Q. In a) five words or less what can we expect from your set at Reeperbahn Festival?
A. One horse sized duck



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