REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL ’14: Glenn Dickie & the Aussie BBQ Interview


Guys. Meet Glenn Dickie. Hi Glenn Dickie. You know those people with whom you feel you must use their first AND last name when referring to them – I think Glenn Dickie would be one of these people. Old mate isn’t coming to us by way of a musical act per se but more so by way of a musical event – the Aussie BBQ.

We are going to keep this fast and furious so here are our must knows about said event, in bullets – just how we like them!

  • The Aussie BBQ was launched in 2003 at SXSW
  • The aim? To highlight/ launch/ promote Australian artists in all their glory.
  • Since this point the event has become quite the traveller and found itself in all sorts of exotic locations, like Singapore, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville – I could go on, but that would be pretty boring.
  • It is single handedly the biggest showcase of Australian music globally.
  • This year – it finds itself both at the Reeperbahn Festival and Berlin (more on the Berlin date späters). Because really – Germans and Australians go together like sausage in bread.

This year we are also off to Reeperbahn Festival to rep all things Australian, because it seems Australians are thing – Europe is so slow sometimes, I could have told them this ages ago. What’s Reeperbahn? Well.. I’m glad you asked. The weekend before my birthday (pop it in your calendar 23 September “Celebrate Lucy’s life”) Hamburg is shutting down and more or less opening it’s streets to any and all musical talent that would grace it’s fair streets, predominantly the Reeperbahn, but really the whole city will be a buzz. 

To me – the Reeperbahn Festival is more of less Germany’s answer to SXSW.. And if that’s not a good endorsement, I don’t know what is. It runs from the 17 – 20th of September – I will be there, so will Glenn Dickie/ the Aussie BBQ.

Get us some Fischbrötchen !!

Q. Who are you? – in 140 characters or less.
A. Glenn Dickie, Export Music Producer for Sounds Australia. Sounds Australia is the Australian music export initiative

Q. What is the one stereotype you know about Germany which you hope to be true? When I moved here, I was really hoping people casually yodeled… They don’t.
A. Well when it’s hot I heard everyone gets their kit off, not sure I’m ready for that to be true. When dealing with showcases you need things to run on time so I’m hoping for some hardcore German efficiency.

Q. We have a reasonably international audience on the blog, could you describe for me (in your own words) what a bogan is?
A. Well I think the bogan has evolved over time as it use to be someone from a low income area, who was happy sinking piss (bier) and smoking darts (cigarettes- Holiday 40 packs preferred) and getting around in their tracksuit and moccasins talking about footy and cars and usually have a tendency for straight up rock music and racism.

Nowadays it’s more diverse with the cashed up bogan’s who often make a lot of money working in the mines or as tradesman. They still love sinking piss but also enjoy getting on the pingers. They have enough coin to buy jet skis and dirt bikes. Their musical preferences may sway towards house music from time to time but a true bogan loves rock.

Q. Who are you looking forward to seeing most at Reeperbahn Festival?
A. Besides meeting a lot of new industry folks I have no idea music wise as I only know the Australian artists so far of which I think we’re up to 10 acts. I haven’t seen Phia (playing Berlin’s Aussie BBQ) or Rodeo live yet so that’ll be good. John Steel Singers, Gossling and Rüfüs have done shows with us before and are always good too. I haven’t seen Ben Frost in about 10 years since we had a beer at the Tote so I’m dead keen to see his show.

Wait one second while I search the Reeperbahn site… Oh shit so my friends from Canada July Talk are play and they’re amazing and I Am Giant too. Sheldon the drummer is probably one of the best looking people I know. So ladies there’s your hot tip. God and Liam Finn. There is a lot of good looking people playing this festival. My god.

Q. What is your Australian spirit animal?… Mine is probably Shane Warne.
A. The Collingwood Football Club – so a magpie, which is kinda shit compared to a shark or crocodile.

Q. Sydney or Melbourne – why?
A. Well I’m from Melbourne and I am very Melbourne proud but I have lived in Sydney for the last 7 years so the rivalry doesn’t exist to me anymore. They are both amazing cities. Melbourne Canteen is helping out with the Berlin BBQ, so I guess on this instance Melbourne.

Q. If you were to try to educate the greater German population that Australia isn’t all “That’s not a knife, this is a knife”/ “pop a shrimp on the Barbie” type stereotypes. What would that fact be?
A. Our music and our food. Look at the amazingly diverse amounts of music coming out of Australia across all genres and you’ll know we’re not some backwater country in the middle of nowhere. Look at the food coming out of Australia which is an amazing mash up of so many cultures. Our produce and love for cooking shows has raised the bar immensely.

I would bet that your Australian friends have more pictures of amazing food on their instagram account than your friends from any other country. Oh and our coffee is better than anywhere in the world, especially if made by a New Zealand barrister.

Q. What for you, is the greatest track of all time to come out of Australia? Mine – this one.
A. GOD – My Pal. These guys were 15 when they recorded this and it’s one of the best songs in the world. That or most Nick Cave songs, I think he’s the most prolific, consistent and gifted writers to come out of Australia or the world for that matter.

Q. The Reeperbahn Festival (among many things) is one big showcase of current/ upcoming international music – who do you think is Australia’s greatest musical export at the moment/ who are we watching?
A. That question is way too hard for me to answer, it’s like choosing my favourite child. I don’t have any children which makes it even harder. I would rather everyone come down to our shows, discover something new and make the choice themselves.

Q. In a) five words or less OR b) a gif, what can we expect from the Aussie BBQ? – whichever tickles you most, we would never say no to a clever explanatory .gif
A. BANDS/BEERS/BBQ from Australia



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