Redder – it’s a Finnish power house.


RedderWell if this doesn’t soothe you slowly and sooth you still, I don’t know what will. Redder has just appeared in my Facebook stream, and I’m absolutely loving their track 1 Border. It could be the two big Flensburgers I’ve managed to drink during my German tutorial this evening, or simply be the fact that this is a pretty delicious musical movement – who knows!

What I do know – old mates come to us by way of Finland. I’ll tell you what, I’m a bit sceptical of Finland. For some reason it sits weirdly within my Scandinavian radar – but beat by beat those sceptical barriers are dropping, and I’m just about ready to let all you Finlandian lollipops in and around my life.

To be honest – anyone that describes their style as a nice mix between “folk and trip-hop” is probably a-ok with me…

I think.




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