Rainbow Arabia – you make me want go camping in a desert, that’s pretty major


I am really loving music at the moment where the singers sort of sound like they are just talking – with feeling. And this is exactly what this feels like. I’m loving the drums and the tribal’esque feeling I get from it – and just really all of it.

This song makes me want to be in the desert. you know when you think of a motion picture about your life (I do this constantly) – this would be the A-HA moment in mine. I would be in the desert with a group of friends, and I would realise – I’m having a good time – A-HA moment of my existence. There would be a campfire, mosquito repellent, an epic sunset and plenty of happy pretty looking people.

Doesn’t that just melt you to the core?

For the love of God – take me to this happy place – and put this song on repeat.


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