Wanna take a minute – you’ve only got one.


So – I have been sort of shit at posting recently. It’s mostly because I’m kind of really busy.. Actually it is only because I am really busy. And right now – I am sitting in my bed, putting off eating dinner. It’s Sunday.. You will be seeing this on Monday. As to maintain my sanity – I am going to have to start stagger posting.

Maintaining a ‘website’ (AKA blog) is hard work. It like, takes time.. And often I think I will just stop, but it has sort of become a necessary part of my life – which is totally sad. I maintain this because in some fucked up way – I think it will open doors. But to an extent – it sort of already has.. I mean, I can now name drop myself. That’s kind of major, no?

This started off as a post about RAC’s latest mix – but this will do it no justice.. So – I’m busy, I’m sorry. I’m so excited about SXSW I could just about throw up, and I’m busy. That’s what’s going on in my life.

Welcome, to the useless facts that are Lucy X


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