Today is complete, because of you.. RAC > I love you.


So RAC – Volume 2 – um.. Shut the front door. Sometimes I write about music that I vaguely like.. Like – I like it, but I’m going to totally get sick of it. I sometimes post about music that I just think is unimaginative, not that sick – but I know that most of you will like it, so I post it. I’m just that kind of girl – taking one for the team etc.

This release – or whatever you want to call it, I fully endorse it. Like – when I say marry me Andre, Andrew and Karl – I mean it. I mean I will move to Portland/ New York to have your little gifted babies, I will long distance relationship you from SF and always pay to visit you – you don’t even have to move, I WILL tell you how fucking wonderful you are daily – because you are. I will shout for the hotel, when I visit you in Portland/ New York, because nobody likes hotels more than me, and nobody adores you more than me – at this present moment.

Perhaps you think I am being over the top – maybe I am. But I don’t care. Music moves me – play an instrument, be a sick deejay, sing a song – and I am yours. I don’t know why. I’m just a massive groupie like that, and I wish I could harness the romantic urges that quake under the music movement – but I can’t.

So listen to Volume II, download the full thing here – have it move you, or don’t but just know – it is fully endorsed by me.

And I know that that will really matter to you, me being a trendsetter and all…

  1. Delorean – Stay Close
  2. Surfer Blood – Take it Easy (RAC Maury Mix)
  3. Andre Allen Anjos – Interlude In E Minor
  4. Suckers – Black Sheep
  5. Washed Out – New Theory (RAC Mix)
  6. Andrew Maury – Redspine Revival
  7. Ruby Coast – Whatever This Is (RAC Maury Mix)
  8. Phantogram – When I’m Small (RAC Mix)
  9. Phoenix – Armistice (RAC Mix)

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