Purity Ring – why do you make me think about contraceptives..? Annoying.


Melt melt melting. I remember when the last Purity Ring song came out (Ungirthed) – that shit was on repeat, for weeks. And now – scrolling through the face – I see a new song from them.. Maybe? Is it new – or is it just I have slow on this shit of late?

In my defense – I am seriously busy at the moment and finding it really hard to fit the BLOGG into my day, so that is why some of the lack lustre posts about nothing in particular. But today I am feeling more on top of life – and frankly, it has been a good day for music. With Bon Iver first and now Purity Ring Lofticries – I am feeling somewhat complete.

Hit play, and just quietly bob your head. I know you want to.


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