Amongst this year’s festival frenzy, we’re handing over to Primavera Sound veteran and all-round top femme Georgia to preview this year’s edition of the long-running Spanish fiesta. When Georgia’s not listening to sweet indie bands, you’ll find her creating unique digital campaigns for leading international brands and soaking up life in the British capital. International flavours – we’ve got them. 

We are two days away from setting sail to Barcelona’s Primavera Sound. The festival for true music lovers, awarded last year as ‘Artists’ Favourite Festival’ at the European Festival Awards and this year celebrating it’s 15th anniversary.

It’s a festival that oozes an un-pretentious coolness, where the indie lovers, hip hop fans and faithful rock followers of Sleater Kinney, Death Cab for Cutie and RIDE blend easily together under the Spanish sunshine for three nights, and where shirtless dick heads are few and far between.

There are guitar heavy headliners including The Black Keys, RIDE, Patti Smith and Band, Interpol and The Stokes. Along with a few of these legendary 90s bands (…RIDE returning after 20 years), Primavera is always on point for new up-and-comers. Their bookings of emerging acts pave the way for future headliners in the following years.

Our top 5 to watch out for are….


I’ve been following these boys for the last few years. When I started to see them gig in London back in 2012, they were already superbly tight. Coming from Brooklyn, the shoe- gaze indie rock band had me instantly hooked. Their darkest song “Doused”, guitar and base heavy, has a post-punk energy that gets me revved up. It’s one of the faster songs from their only album Oshin which Pitchfork described as “pliable yet sturdy intertwining of guitar and bass (that) stretches across the songs like a hammock” – and that’s exactly how you want to feel swaying as you gear up for the night.

Unfortunately, one year out, Cole’s mix up with with Sky Ferreira meant the band went from underground to Instagram star-lights, and they didn’t gig for over a year. I’m mad keen that they are back, and no doubt they will kick off the Saturday night.


Ah Mac. If you haven’t seen Mac DeMarco before, you must know he now has a reputation for putting on a cheeky, comedic performance, one that is ownable only to the care-free Canadian. His sets are loose, in a way that is relaxed and unpredictable – he steals ciggies from the crowd, and chats away, an intimacy you might feel if you had stopped by your mates and they were playing out the back of the house. I’m sure, like me, you will instantly fall in love with him when he casually grabs his girlfriend from the crowd and lifts her on his shoulders whilst singing “Still Together”.

Now I’m quite the Mac Fan, and have seen this played out a few times, at a few gigs, so I’m hoping for some new jokes and antics, alongside hearing the bliss, fresh tunes of “Salad Days” which was released early last year.


I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the foursome, Twerps, fellow Melbourners, who’s melodic, smooth sounds have sailed across from Australia to support the likes of Mac Demarco, Real Estate, Deerhunter and Belle and Sebastian. Their album “Range Anxiety”, released at the begging of the year by Merge Records is gentle, warm and the harmonies from frontman and guitarist Martin Frawley’ will instantly ease you into the festival on Thursday.


This woman is unstoppable. The British Singer/Songwriter barely needs an introduction, with her debut studio album LP1 (2014) peaking at number 16 on the UK Albums Chart and more recently, a Google Glass collaboration/video  #throughglass, making your body want to move in every way possible. In a recent article in 032c, where Twigs features as the cover star (shot by Jurgen Teller), she shared how she started out dancing at the Box in Soho, London, crafting her look intuitively and independently, which is what helped form her raw, but imaginative identity today.Girl power aside, I will be awaiting to step onto the cosmic spaceship with Miss Tahliah Barnett, and can’t wait to let her music transport me into a smooth, passionate, spectacular space.


For some early-morning electronica, you will find me gazing up at Jon Hopkins, the contemporary, in demand British Producer. Most recently this year, he compiled a mix for LateNightTales, a platform which has allowed for artists such as Air, Röyksopp, and Belle and Sebastian to create their ultimate late night compilation. You will be assured to hear a brilliant mix of synths, calming pianos, and sweet techno that should take you through the morning.

But to me, it’s not only the music that is on point that makes this festival unmissable, it’s Barcelona. I love crawling back to my AirBnB each night, to wake fresh each day (your mind might not be, but the sheets are), cruising down to the waterfront to lap up the sun where you pay 5quid for a beach massage and drink cooler out of a coconut.

Whether you choose to spend the afternoon living up the high life on a diet of prosecco and manchago chorizio (always one for a cured meat), or necking down a big fat bottle of Don Simon outside the gates, it’s easy, inexpensive and a delicious way to start the festival which kicks off at 6pm each day. I recommend both options.

Bonus Extra: during Prima, babes a plenty flock to Barcelona. The EasyJet 4.40pm flight out of Gatwick tomorrow will be jam packed full of eager Londoners, sipping down in-flight Magners to get the vibe going early.  Combined with the  excitement felt on arrival from the laid-back, party-loving Spaniards, it’s a good feeling flooding the entire city for the weekend.


  1. If you are tight on cash – hit up the giant supermarket left of the entrance to stock up on booze and bread
  2. At the end of the night, every kid is trying to hail a cab as the trains don’t run. Leave a little earlier, or walk (any festival goer should know to wear decent shoes)
  3. It’s about a 15-20 min walk from one side of the festival to the other, leave time if you want to get a good spot.
  4. It’s always windy. You are right on the beach lovers, so no matter how hot the days, wear a jacket in the evenings.

See ya there !


(Not able to make it to Barca in person? Catch the live stream on Arte from Fri – Sun)


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