New compilations – make me happy. Because it means I can just sit here, and recommend them.


So – Poule d’Or released the numero 7 of his mix tapes. And I am quietly listening at my desk. Quietly loving. One thing that makes me totally happy with Hendrik’s music choices is that I don’t know most of them. Some yes – but most no. So it’s like this wonderful sensorary experience, that I just don’t want to end in 14 songs.

You know I sometimes try and listen to Blalocks Indie/ Rock Playlist – but my major issue with that is that there are TOOO many songs – and I want to hear them all – so to commit time to 100+, and then have to press pause -if I have to do something, means I will have to remember where I left off – that is hard work.

Mind you 14 isn’t that many, but it feel like it is totally manageable – and they are all of the epic variety. So I frankly think I would prefer less stress, and more guarenteed goodness, than a catelogue of songs each month.

Highlights of this compilation (for me) are below. You can head to Poule d’Or to download the whole set, or listen one by one – and get a true sample of the mix.. Although that is kind of annoying.. So just download the whole thing, pop it in your iTunes – and hit play.

You’re welcome


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