Poule d’Or compilation 8 induces swoony knees, for real.


OK – so we have done this, like maybe 3 times before. I have rah rah rah’ed on about our mate Hendrik who runs Poule d’Or and as well as giving you unheard goodness on (almost) the daily, he also does the most epic compilations.

One thing I like about people who can put together a cohesive bit of music, is that I don’t have to. Yes, I’m a lazy bitch, but I personally think I might be a bit too A.D.D. for that, which is nay helpful to a process which requires mad concentration. Alors, when someone else can, and it leaves me (and you, let’s not forget about you – ever) to just download and sync to the iPhone/ other inferior MP3 player – life goes to #winning levels, very quickly.

You know it’s not even that it’s good (although it is, that sounds confusing – IT IS GOOD but.. wait there is MORE! better?), it’s that I could just listen – over and over again, without much problem. That’s nice. Not having to think, is nice!

SO – this is what you must do next, head over to Poule d’Or > download the latest installment of his playlist genius, and then download the other 7.. you should for a few reasons:

  1. It would be rude not to
  2. It won’t get old – so general repeat of all things Poule d’Or is never a bad thing
  3. I have told you to, don’t fight it – just do it (Thank you Nike!)

My favorite swoons.. If I had to name my favorites..? Nightbox makes me about as happy as a pig in shit.. SWIM DEEP are just so divinnnnnnee, as is De La Montaña.. I mean – it’s all good, stop it – IMMEDIATELY.

You all need to CUT THE SASS including Poule d’Or


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