Pop-Kultur 2015 it’s happening, in 2 days (!)


Pop-Kultur is finally here ! Feels like we have been talking about it since the demise of what was formally known as Berlin Music Week (R.I.P.) last year. So: thank god you’re here, it’s been too long. On a very basic level Pop-Kultur (for those that don’t know) is an eclectic mix of music things at Berlin’s most hyped venue – Berghain, all brought to us by the guys over at the Music Board of Berlin.

I say musical things, because this year we aren’t just conference and performance focused but more things. From book readings, to introductions of heavy weight side projects – it’s a smorgasbord of activity with the central theme being musical performance. This year the team are taking over Berghain itself, Panorama Bar, the cathedral-like Halle am Berghain, Kantine am Berghain, Schlackehalle and the Berghain wardrobe/ cloakroom for all their many shows.

The hard and fast details are as follows:

DATE: 26 – 28 August
LOCATION: Berghain – the whole bloody thing (y)
DOORS: it varies, check the Pop-Kultur Program.
TICKETS: it varies, check the ticket shop

Ticketing is slightly different to your average festival; instead of day passes, you are buying singular tickets to singular events. Which somehow makes things annoying because I have to plan but also really special – because I have to actually plan. See the mixed emotions we have going on here – love it. There is a sliding scale range of tickets from 5€ to 25€ to probably more, which to be fair is pretty reasonable considering any given night to get into Berlin’s most holy of venues generally sets you back 15-20€.


  1. If you are up for seeing more than 3 shows in a day, get the Wahl-Abo ticket, this’ll discount you around 10% of the single purchase price.
  2. Ride your bike. Berlin is always better on a bike, and Berghain is super langsam to get to by public transport. On top of that ! Ride the long way along the wall – with these balmy Berlin evenings we’ve got going on right now…

It’ll be positively romantic ! :-*


***Have no idea what to go-see? Never fear, Bron’s getting a list together. Stay tuned for the Pop-Kultur focused What’s Up Weekend this week.


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