PODCAST: Ask Lucy ! Episode 4 w/ überlin


In an effort to be a multifaceted media outlet (oh my !) I have decided to get together with a handful of mates once a month’ish and answer some of your long standing questions.

This week we are chatting you through:

  • Moving to Berlin, and how it’s all done
  • Getting your own apartment, away from the prying eyes of WG status.
  • Managing long distance relationships, because – Internet/ technology.

This week you might notice that our questions are “Berlin” themed, this is because we have James from überlin in, chatting with us about life, the new co-working space they have set up and how to be a better Berlin’er human – or not, because we did a really shit job with the advice. Steffi from Nordic by Nature pops in for one question, because I’m a technologically challenged.

A few of things to note:

  1. WE HAVE A THEME SONG. It’s magical. It was all put together by our dear friend Frederik who is doing wonderful dreamy summer vibed songs under the name PIZZABOYSSameblod. Thank you Frederik, you’re wonderful/ I adore you <3
  2. James picked FOUR really great tracks from present and kind of past artists he’s into at the moment.
  3. Do you make microphones, wanna gift me a couple? Would be rad.

If you have 42m spare today, give it a listen, give it a like, give us some feedback.




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