PODCAST: Ask Lucy ! Episode 3… The SPOT Edition.


In an effort to be a multifaceted media outlet (oh my !) I have decided to get together with a handful of mates once a month’ish and answer some of your long standing questions.

This week we are chatting you through:

  • how to manage a disgustingly messy boyfriend
  • impressing Danish rockstars
  • managing girlfriends that have too many guy friends

Steffi from Nordic by Nature is back this week in Episode 3, which was recorded twice – because I’m obviously fucking terrible at technology and hitting command +S
A few of things to note:

  1. WE HAVE A THEME SONG. It’s magical. It was all put together by our dear friend Frederik who is doing wonderful dreamy summer vibed songs under the name PIZZABOYS/ Sameblod. Thank you Frederik, you’re wonderful/ I adore you <3
  2. This week is Spot Festival themed – as we are off to Spot Festival on Thursday, and we are obviously super excited.
  3. Because of said theme, we’ve selected 4 really great songs, from FOUR really great artists headed to Spot with us. Don’t know much about the Festival itself? We’ve got you covered.
  4. If you make microphones, wanna gift me a couple? Would be rad.

If you have 35m spare today, give it a listen, give it a like, give us some feedback.



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