PODCAST: Ask Lucy ! Episode 2 slash 3


In an effort to be a multifaceted media outlet (oh my !) I have decided to get together with a handful of mates once a month’ish (sorry we dropped the ball whilst in Australia) and answer some of your long standing questions.

This week we are chatting you through:

  • dudes I have crushes on, and how to handle that
  • how to handle shit coworkers
  • what hobby should males take up to attract females

Mike from Demons Galore joined me this week in Episode 2 (slash 3 as I fucked up our very first recording).

A few of things to note:

  1. WE HAVE A THEME SONG. It’s magical. It was all put together by our dear friends over at Sameblod. Thank you Frederik, you’re wonderful/ I adore you <3
  2. We are podcasting in the past, I’m sorry. I will get better at putting these up on time.
  3. Mike selected three really great songs, from some almost but not quite vintage indie artist

If you have 35m spare today, give it a listen, give it a like, give us some feedback.



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