Phoria does it again, and again… and again.


The most delicious kids from Phoria have put out a video for Red. And lemme tell you something, I’m still melting.

When we first posted this track it got over 700 likes – pretty sure the thumb function for Facebook was broken – but it kind of shows how much we all collectively love and worship this team.

I’m really not one to post videos, because I mostly have nothing enlightening to say about them.. Exhibit A. the nonsense I’m writing right this second. But having just watched and pretty much died a second time round to Red – I was entertained, I felt a semi-sexy vibe, and it left me sort of depressed.

Who knows if these are the correct emotions, but I’m a firm believer that as long as you feel something – the creative has done their job.

Bravo creatives – everywhere.



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