Philanthro​ ​Pirate EP is positively dreamy


As we know I am currently hanging out at my parental units house in the country. Which is totally wonderful, although I have this feeling that the fresh air of the country makes you eat more. I mainly think this because I seem to be eating like a horse, which is not OK and rather unbecoming of me..

Blah – have spent the day on my computer, not doing very much to be honest. My dad is off busy taking things to the tip – he has a high school kid here today mowing the lawn/ doing all the heavy lifting. MJ (mum) is down at her Persian rug shop – not selling rugs, which is sort of fine – I mean those things are worth excess of 15,000 a rug – so the occasional sale seems to work in this scenario.

ANYWAY – computer, have been on it. And I stumbled across the below EP – which is just positively dreamy on this fairly boring Saturday. Have no idea who Jason Aaron is – but mate, I am loving you. The songs have that fabulous sound in the background that makes you think of 50’s/60’s shows that have been adapted to modern day – like that show about the writer who is forced to be a Private Eye.. This music should be on that show.

Give it a listen. I love it, you should to.


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