Phantogram – are in SF, and there is a new album. Joy.


We’ll – I’m pumped. Phantogram’s new album comes out tomorrow today (!) – and I know, most of everyone has been streaming from their facebook, their website, spotify, last fm – anywhere and everywhere you can stream it, I know I have been doing it.

Because frankly – it’s pretty fucking yummy, you should all buy a copy of Nightlife here, like right now.. I don’t know what sort of water these kids were fed, or what vitamins they take – but seriously, I feel like if I could just swap some of my sass for their incred talent, my life would be pretty major.

What sort of excites me most – is that they are coming to SF on Wednesday.. Have I bought tickets – no. Why? Because I’m a sucker for punishment – I’m sure. I’m certain if I go have a quick look at their site their business will be sold at. (looking).. no tickets.

Disaster. I hope all you arseholes who go that sorted, have the best time… (ugh) Have a listen to Don’t Move, score a free download >>> if you can’t concert, may as well get a free download.


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