PANAMA have me dancing at my desk


I could just about squeal. It’s a Monday – I can’t be this excited. It’s not fair on the rest of the week. Because now all I want to do is disco.

Running out of the office to disco with somebody on a Monday is not ideal. Because now – I’m probably going to leave work tonight sink a lot of wine – and be hung over – on a Tuesday.. Being hung over on a school night, at the start of the week is the worst – because then you are just a mess for the rest of the week.

There is something just so delightful about the sound of Panama’s It’s Not Over – it’s light, it’s boppy, but it’s sombre. UGHHHHHHHH. Why do I not live in Australia? Where these perfect species of musicans just hang. I could totally be your music bitch, and just love you for all that you are – in not so hostile weather conditions.

I am a smoking hot babe, like 85% of the time. I would be a good that person.

SIDE NOTES: pretty sure this was filmed in Berlin. COME BACK – and love me?


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