What’s Up Weekend? 6 – 12 February 2014


Hallöchen Berlin – how beautiful is this weather! Don your between-season Jacke, get out of your Wohnung and jump all over some parties. There’s loads on from Scandi babes to some UKG, one hell of a Saturday party and the anniversary of one of our fave Berlin blogs. Get all up in and around it. Once again brought to you by our friends at Our/Berlin vodka. Sunny kisses XX

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


PRINCE CHARLES – Everybody loves it!

With SXSW just around the corner, our friends over at Nordic by Nature are joining forces with US mag Under the Radar to throw a little trans-Atlantic taster our way.  They’ve invited over Austin’s Red Eye Transit to showcase a number of the label’s Scandi acts, so whether or not you’re one of the lucky jetsetters making the trip to Texas in March, you can have a delicious little preview this eve. Bitte schön. On the bill are Norwegian disco popsters Tôg (who released their album Feiring last week), Denmark’s Dinner (who we recently featured with a special  guest Ask Lucy) and Norway’s Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii (more of those electro flavours). It’ll all be very feel good, PLUS – it’s free! They’re so good to you. Just write to guestlist@nbnberlin.de, sofort.



PRINCE CHARLES – Bron loves it!

We’re back at Prince Charles again and for good reason too, as our Friday night favourite, the T Room Sessions, returns from a kleines Winter hibernation. Wake up guys, it’s party Zeit! Other than a great place for a post-work beverage and feed (das Essen ist lecker), the Sessions act as a warm-up to your club wochenende ahead, and can also be tuned into online via Sweat Lodge Radio if home listening is more your vibe. 2014’s first edition sees Kompakt’s Chymera (Live), Permanent Vacation’s The Drifter, Red Motorbike’s Eddie C and Oye Records’ Delfonic all along for the ride….and, as always, entry is frei before 11pm.

HOLD UP, there’s more – it’s a double whammy this eve, as you should 100% stick around for the second edition of Locked – a new Berlin night with a UKG influenced flavour (my kinda flavour). After a banging debut back in Nov with Deadboy and Joe (this really was quite ze party), this week’s return sees garage fave Zed Bias (fresh off the release of his new album on Swamp 81, Boss) and Rinse FM’s Brackles on ruckus-causing duties. Joined by Locked residents Uta and Dean Driscoll, this should be a great party with a sound we don’t get much of here in Berlin.


LOOPHOLE – Everybody loves it!

Well this is a nice one – the glue that binds the Berlin expat world with collective, “omg that’s so Berlin” lolz is turning one and machen a little partay, Happy 1st Anniversary When You Live In Berlin! An observation of the city we love through the power of the gif, it has been a ridiculously entertaining past 12 months thanks to one of our favourite tumblrs in cyberland. Tonight you can celebrate with tunes spun by Alex Cliche, Raver Jewish & Chris Breuer and James Martin (Lustgarten), and of course, your fave gifs (projected, yes please!). This is also doubling as the afterparty of Boddinale (the more local film fest). Looking back on a year of lols, I’m struggling to pick a favourite, however it’s hard to look past my original introduction via this classic, however perhaps the Berghain collection  as a whole is worth a re-visit, oh wait, or THIS.



STATTBAD – Bron loves it! 

I’m more than a little bit excited about this, and predict two very sweaty and happy dancefloors at Gerichtstraße 65 this Samstag abend. Continuing to coax us to Wedding, Stattbad’s Stattnacht will this week host a wonderful musical Mischung from housier and disco flavours, to pretty banging techno. Bereit? The main floor (we think pool?) will host London’s Floating Points, Glasgow party-starters Optimo and Berlin’s BabyG, while downstairs sees a live set from Kangding Ray, joined by fellow locals Objekt, Paula Temple and Stattbad’s Andrejko. Wear your dancing shoes, this should be a great one.


PRINCE CHARLES – Everyone loves it!

You’d think Prince Charles were paying us this week, hey? (Dear Prince Charles, if you’re reading this, we do take donations) Anyway, it’s a great venue with the third good reason to frequent their Moritzplatz digs this week, this time for Geradehaus number 6. This edition will play host to the Berlin live debut of  Lobster Theremin’s Palms Trax (producer of all sorts of ear treats, like this), joining UK stalwart Mark E. They’ll be joined by their regulars Moon & Man, JMII and Baughman, for what should be a fun a affair.


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