What’s Up Weekend? 29 January – 4 February 2014


It’s a big week here on the Lucy vs. the Globe front as the Blog Party returns for Round 4: The Winter Grind. YEAH! Classic hip hop and RnB not your flavour? Fear not, CTM Festival continues, and well, you could always just drink FREE Our/Berlin Vodka (read on). Stay warm, drink local wodka. What’s Up Weekend once again brought to your by our friends at Our/Berlin. Boozey kisses xx

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


HAU1 & BERGHAIN – Bron loves it! 

Having kicked off last Friday, CTM Festival ‘Dis Continuity’ (now in it’s 15th year), continues, this week and there’s a whole lotta stuff going on, tag und nacht, that you can get involved in.  If a more experimental approach to sound your thing, you’ve likely already secured a week-long pass (or multiple tickets) and are well into your 10-day musical extravaganza. If not, it’s not too late, with two highlights this evening including The Inheritors with James Holden and Hobocombo at HAU1 (although I can’t tell if this is Ausverkauft :/) and Un Hitch at Berghain with the very special world premiere of Moritz von Oswald Trio (with Tony Allen and Max Loderbauer).



FLUX BAU – Everybody Nose (/loves it)

Run for cover mother fuckas. The Blog Party is (baby got) back, and promises to be pretty much the polar opposite of what’s going on at CTM. Classic hip hop and rnb – GOT IT. Some recent spice thrown in for good measure – YOU BETCHA / SURFBORT. The combined forces of your favourite bloggers – SO FRESH, SO CLEAN (PonyDanceClydeNordic by NatureDemons Galore feat. MC Dicky Cullz, Lucy vs. the Globe). On top of all of that, it will be the “dj” debut of Lucy vs. the Globe (incl. Bron) (seems that’s our ‘official’ name now)  – all sorts of sexy numbers promised, come and get some of thaaaat. It’s a guaranteed LOL.



Want to go for FREI? We’ve got more free tickets than we can actually handle and would love to give this shit to the good people of B-town. To win – just head over here and tell us your pant-dropping jam (huh? read ze post). You’ll probably win tickets regardless of your answer, but go and play the game, hey?


Nothing says Feierabend like a tipple of Our/Berlin’s finest, and thanks to these purveyors of this silky drop, we have 2 bottles to give away to one reader this week. BITTE SCHÖN.

TO ENTER: head to the facebook page, and follow the instructions.

** fine print: you need to be over 18 years to win this one, we will be checking ID’s ! 

BERGHAIN – Bron loves it!

Meanwhile at Berghain, shit looks delicious, and if I wasn’t making a fool of myself at our Blog Party, I’d be at the big haus getting around this fine  genre-defying offering. As part of CTM, this is one of few actual club-club nights during the festival, and will be showcasing goodness from OAKE, Dasha Rush, TR \\ ER (Truss & Tessela), Concrete Fence (Regis & Russell Haswell) and Helena Hauff (DE) downstairs, with Actress, Marcel Dettmann, Moiré and Moerbeck taking to the smaller floor. And while the dust-mask-wearing rave of last year’s edition (The Prodigy – Out of Space at 6AM anyone?!) will be hard to top, this will undoubtedly be an impressive party.



Looking for something else? Maybe Renate tonight will be your flavour with a rare Berlin appearance outside of Berghain/Pbar from Ostgut’s ND Baumecker who joins  Massimiliano Pagliara (love on the rocks), Toby Tobias (rekids). Gatto Fritto (international feel), Telephones (sex tags ufo) and Paramida (love on the rocks). It’s all in the name of Herr Pagliara’s “Flying Away From You” release (out on Love on the Rocks), and with Renate’s ramschackle house party vibe, this should be a fun one.



STATTBAD – Bron loves it!

Still kicking? You’ll want to head to Stattbad tonight where three eclectic nights have been rolled into one (entry at €25 covers all drei). Room 1 (assuming this is the pool) – ‘Un Cut’ features, Sarah Farina, Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri-Jeri (a ‘Senegalese drumming clan’), Boddika and DJ Marfox. Which I’d probably be stoked with alone. BUT WAIT – MEHR. Room 2 – ‘Dis Arrange’ with patten, the great lady Fatima al Qadiri, Sasha Go Hard and more. AND, Room 3 – ‘Im Balance’ with a mostly Opal Tapes takeover feat. label head Basic House (DJ-set), Lumisokea, Karen Gwyer and 1991 and joined by Tommi Keränen. As far as diverse parties go, this has to be the pick of the week. Get there early and make the most of your €25.


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