What’s Up Weekend? 22 – 28 January 2014


This week we’ve got the opening of a festival, hip hop & burgers house, techno, punk rock, a photographic exhibition  … and a new friend – Our/Berlin Vodka! We’re excited to announce that for the next few weeks, What’s Up Weekend will be brought to you by these purveyors of fine fine wodka. Drink some locally-made vodka, hit a club – you won’t even notice it’s -10°C outside! Schnee kisses x

Below are some of the events we are recommending for the week ahead in Berlin. Each of them is either highlighted with a:

Bron loves it! – more electronic, than not.
Lucy loves it! – more indie boy band/ pop vibes/ not techno.
Everyone loves it! – 2.5 words: shit’s ACE.

***DISCLAIMER: these aren’t the only discos that are going on – they are just the ones that stand out.


OUR/BERLIN VODKA – Everybody loves it! (What’s not to love)

It’s practically Friday – so what are we doing? Drinking vodka and looking at art, naturally. This week Our/Favourite Vodka distillery, Our/Berlin Vodka (see what we did there?) are hosting an exhibition by Alastair Philip Wiper. Said to be a photographic celebration of the unintentional beauty of science and research facilities, feels delicate yet clinical at the very same timeee. The opening night kicks off at 6P, meet us at the bar – we’ll be the ones casually sipping on something devastatingly classy – ie. vodka.




CHESTERS – Bron loves it! And is going! 

“A twilight journey through forest techno, drone, tape distortion, Ghanaian house and tropical hardcore” – WHERE DO I SIGN. This Fri sees the Berlin debut of Pride of Gombe, a party run by the impressive collective of LukidBNJMNMr BeatnickSamoyed and Rekordah. Usually going down in London, it looks like we’ll be in for a fun ride with the whole crew in the DE to throw us a musical mixed bag our way. Paired with the cosy and kinda quirky Kreuzberg gem, Chesters this should be a good one. And… if you’re after a sample, check out BNJMN’s delicious Pride of Gombe mix for Teshno over here. See you there!


PANORAMA BAR – Bron loves it!

Oh hihi, what up’s is that Deutsch label Giegling are taking over Pbar this eve and it’s so so very goddamn fine. Kicking off your weekend on a ganz lecker front will be the semi-mysterious Traumprinz (aka the Prince of Denmark)  in only his second Berlin appearance (under either moniker), along with label mates ATEQ and Dustin. Oh and er – Rødhåd and Âme. Srsly. It’s kinda nuts. Amongst other things it will be interesting to see how Rødhåd plays the smaller floor. In my ideal scenario, Traumprinz plays the sunrise set and drops this one  around 8AM, just as daylight starts to seep on through those magical shutters. Just imagine!



PRINCE CHARLES – Everbody loves it!

After a huge debut back in October, the tastiest beats return to Kreuzberg this Samstag – yep yep, Burgers & Hip-Hop is back! In fact, they’ll be back for good – with a party now planned every two months and something even meatier in Summer (watch their Facebook page for that one). The concept is simple but magic – burgers. And hip hop. A bloody match made in heaven. For your tastebuds, vendors this round will include Kimchi PrincessM&Gs RIB ROLLMogg & MelzerCONTEMPORARY FOOD LAB und noch mehr. And for your ears/bootie James Falco aka Mary Scherpe & Florian Duijsens, micki (Proud) & Max John Buschfeld (Loud), Anja Akikazu M, iamkingkong (ALL YOURS) and Paul Wuttke & Nick Forsberg (ALLYOURS) … with the ALL YOURS crew taking over from 22:00 (wear a mask for free entry after 22:00. Huh, wut? Deets here). Still not convinced? Check the totally bangin’ crowd from round 1. Sweet beats, tasty meats, and and more babes than a good streak on Tinder. Ich bin dabei.


WHITE TRASH FAST FOOD – Everybody loves it!

Rounding off our week of all sorts of alles, your urge for indie/punk/rock/hip hop/pop/anything goes (just probably not house or techno) can be filled tonight at Prenzlauer Berg’s White Trash with the first Demons Galore of 2014. As always, you can expect a musical Mischung, and the chance to let you hair down to lots of genre-defying classics/guilty pleasures. Oh and it could drop to -11°C this eve – don’t be a dick, go and warm yourself up with some wild dancing.


HAU2 (CTM FESTIVAL) – Bron loves it!

Januar is a sehr beschäftigt Monat in Berlin, which is a tough one if you’re still recovering from Silvester (like me). Whatever – pull it together, CTM Festival (Festival for Adventurous Music and Arts) kicked off last night (Fri) and as one of the more interesting festivals of the year (if you like your music on the more experimental side) you’ll want to be getting involved. While the official opening concert is going on over at HAU1 with Mike Vainio, Charlemagne Palestine and Kontakt der Jünglinge, there’s also a FREE night on at HAU2 WAU ‘Medizin nach Noten’. Long-standing East German label Raster Noton are leading this one with Carsten Nicolai, Frank Bretschneider and Olaf Bender. With usually a pretty hefty price tag on most CTM concerts, this would be a great chance to get a taste of not only the festival and Raster Noton, yet also experience one of the HAU venues – without burning a hole in your Tasche. Now in it’s 15th year, there’s bucketloads on over the next CTM week, for a full run down, head over here.


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