Our/Berlin Music Week… It’s happening.


It’s a big week for Berlin. And short of being entirely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content I feel like I should be producing, I’m mostly excited. Tomorrow – yes TOMORROW our mates over at Nordic by Nature are launching their very own Berlin Music week extravaganza!

After three years of hosting the Scandinavian Showcase at Berlin Music Week, Nordic by Nature, Our/Berlin Vodka and Berlin Sessions are bringing the good people of Berlin: Our/Berlin Music Week – a free festival presenting new Scandinavian music for ALLES! There is going to be (free) lunch, (free) Norwegian coffee from Oslo Kaffebar, and 5 hot new fresh out the oven Scandinavian acts…. EACH DAY!

3 days of 5 musical acts a day, plus lunch, plus coffee, plus (probably) an army of good-looking Nordic people storming Our/Berlin Vodka Distillery = madness. SCANDINAVIAN MADNESS. There are far too many acts to delve into here – so I’m going to give you MY TOP THREE (because that never happens) and allow you all to make your own, educated decisions on this one.

ASBJØRN  Thursday 5 Sept | 16:00 (4PM)

Old mate can dance. Like – I mean this. His music is pop-tastic, and his ability to work a stage is like no other. There is ACTUALLY nothing better than witnessing live music, where it becomes contagious. Asbjorn equals that. Embrace it.

SAMARIS Wednesday 4 Sept | 15:00 (3PM)

Icelandic wonders who sing in tongues! Also known as Icelandic (I think? Is that what Iceland people speak… I am feeling incredibly ignorant at this point) – I’ve just been running my eyes over one of their videos, and team are sexy sexy do your thang.

NOAH KIN Wednesday 4 Sept | 20:00 (8PM)

The femmes at Nordic by Nature have been raving about the delicious looking Noah Kin from seeing him at Flow Festival, and God only knows I love a good bit of slow jams/ hip hop/ r’n’b. This one I can actually managing – as it’s outside my working hours (8P) – SUCCESS!

For more info about the run of events, set times and general Our/Berlin Music Week nonsense – head to their facebook event page, hit attend – and we’ll high-five for lunch (Our/Vodka Distillery is 2 minutes from my work – what are the chances!?) and from 6:15P, daily.

See you there Scandinavian flavoured Pancakes – I can’t wait!



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