Oqko’s 1st Anniversary – hurrah ! Lights, camera, moody disco


After almost a month off booze and loose living it appears the stars have aligned and allowed me back in the game with a cheeky welcome back party, by way of Oqko the Berlin-based collective celebrating their first birthday at Berghain Kantine on Saturday (17th September).

For those that don’t know Oqko are an interdisciplinary label and collective comprised of four delicious creatures (Lvis Mejia, Astvaldur, DEKJ and Smog) who get in and around the experimental and noisy ends of the electronic music scale – often with a clever light show to match.

The show at Berghain Kantine show feature live performances by the collective and guest as well a series of installations. More info can be found on their facebook event, but really all you need to know is doors are at 23:00.

…And the games begin 23:01.


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