One will actually Nod One’s Head in a minute – to you.


Nod One's HeadNod One’s Head is a group out of Berlin. Disco – yet perfectly not too much. Our mate Bron forwarded this one through as this team is seemingly hitting Feel Festival this weekend.

They seem to be a bit of a big deal here in Berlin – and maybe I’m just under all these “not really a Berliner” rocks, but this is my first encounter and I can get pretty easily around it. Not to mention our mates that make up the group are positively babe’n – like: WHAT UP CAN I HAVE YO NUMBER.

Heart of Gold is the latest track from this team, but I’m pretty sure you could work your way through their Soundcloud and find tonnes to call your own.

It’s Thursday. Hit a disco.


FYI Photo credit goes to: I AM JOHANNES ©


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