One thing I am really good at..


Meeting celebrities, and pretending I don’t care who they are.. I don’t know why I am so good – but I get a sick thrill out of it.. When I was a kid in Australia, I used to do this all the time with our local celebs who would star on Neighbours. I had friends that were in their mate circle – and we would party together/ drink together/ whatever together – and I would always love asking their names, and what they do.. WIN!

It’s kind of an arsehole effort – I know. Because I did know who they are, I wasn’t living under a rock. But I guess I also thought for them – it’s probably pretty nice to feel anonymous..

So when I see celebs in America – I am totally star struck – I saw Michael Cera at SXSW, the Texan pointed him out to me, the conversations went like this:

Texan: I feel sorry for that guy, everyone just comes up and says hey, and it’s like fuck, give him some space
Lucy: Who?
Texan: That’s Michael Cera over there, why do you think everyone keeps walking passed us..?
Lucy: No way.. Like – NO WAY.
Texan: Yeah – that’s Michael Cera
Lucy: Oh my god – I am so star struck right now, I could just about squeal.

All the while – my face was the beauty of nonchalant’ness. I think.. Well, the Tex might have different ideas of what my face looked like – but internally I felt like I was giving off the blasse faire air of life.

Anyway – I sort of think this is gift worthy – met one of the keyboardists of Art vs. Science last night – and I did the same thing. My mate was all – let’s be friends and hang out! (to the guy) and I was “hey, here is my card – cool have a good night..” WIN – JASPER.

I think it just brings me one step closer to either working with famous people, or being one myself.


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