One of the (many) reasons, I adore my mother.


So it’s a funny thing living in America. Observations, people like things cheap. And not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but come on – it’s nice to spend sometimes, on things, – because frankly,  I don’t care what poor people say – it will make you happy.

So I was on the phone with my mother yesterday, and having come into some money recently – I have decided to  spend it on a few things. Now – generally, I will try and justify them to myself – and then test it on other people and gauge their reaction. And then, FINALLY – I will ask Mum. Because – Mum knows best. And GENERALLY – she will be like, yes that is practical, no that is not – why do you need this, and yes a good quality winter coat is a good buy.

BUT, recently – she has agreed with me 100% – here are some examples:

L: I’m going to Seattle with a friend and we are going to stay at the W – it’s only 180 a night, so I think that’s ok, and I never go on holidays.
M: You should stay in the fancy hotel – you need to reward yourself with nice things Lucy, or you may just forget your worth.

L: I think with the money I have, I am going to go shopping – and spend $XXXX, and then I was thinking about buying a computer. Maybe a Mac – but I’m not really sure, because perhaps that is too much money – for what I will (ultimately) be using it for..?
M: Well, I have been told that Macs are only 1000 (or maybe a bit more) and I think that is a great price for a computer (Please remember I am originally from Australia, and regular laptops start at $900). As for clothes – yes, it is nice to look good.
L: well I was thinking I might just buy the Mac once my computer goes blue screen. Maybe just save it all up and feel a bit rich for a while..?
M: What is the point in that – the PC is just slowing you down. Lucy, buy the Mac.

L: I was thinking about going to Austin for Thanksgiving weekend. BUT – everyone I was thinking of going with has sort of pulled out. Which is totally fine – but now I’m thinking I just go, I mean – I can afford it, and I have the time off..
M: Yes, grow up Lucy and go on a holiday by yourself. God knows when you will make it to Texas – may as well go while you have the chance/ opportunity. It might be a nice break.

Now see the problem with these conversations is that – THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Normally – it would be:

M: No Lucy, lets not diddle our money away on things. Why don’t you try and save for a change..?
M: Yes, Lucy – those boots are very nice. But do you really think it is necessary..? You would need to learn how to wear high heels to wear those often enough for it to be worth it.

I think the lesson here kids is – move to a different country, and in your parents eyes – you are never making a bad decision.. Unless, I marry a local, and never come home. (Death becomes her if that ever happens)


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