OMG mystery girl of Mr Newton.. COULD I BE YOU?


Sometimes I think about what I am going to wear to festivals etc. and then it does my head in because looking effortlessly cool is fucking hard – so I just throw on a dress and call it a day. But I wish I could just rock this look – can’t but wish I could.

For one – cut off’s, only look good on people with twig legs. I have short stumpy ones – it’s not a nice look, I can’t rock cut offs. T-shirts like this, need a skinny curvy body – don’t have one of those either. You need boobs – but very skinny tummy area so that the baggy’ness doesn’t look like fatty’ness you are trying to cover… The hat and the sunnies – I can cover – but that is like the icing on the cake. and as much as we all like icing – I frankly want the whole goddamn thing.. Ya know…!

This is a girl (found over at Mr Newton) crush of the non-celeb variety – a day early.. AND I also have a girl crush lined up for this week – so it is like double G.C. Anyway – I don’t know who you are – but you are just so divine, in a way that is like not even trying, it makes me hurt with jealousy..

Get it together Jasper! Glamor status will be reached… eventually.


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