Oliver Tank > you don’t even knowwww.


I could literally melt into this guy. like “Oh hi – you are Oliver Tank? Sorry i just fell on top of you” And I don’t mean this in an overly sexy way at all, it’s just that listening to his business makes most things just kind of disappear.

That sounds depressive.. It’s not > I am like one of the happiest femmes going around currently with all my adventures about to explode > but there is something so soothing about Mr Tank. His angel voice, delicious “beats” (lame, sorry), or perhaps it is the fact that he is totally dreamy. I don’t really know > but I don’t want it to stop.

All over Help you Breath in a big way. You never came with me to my mates wedding Oliver, and you missed out, because I looked alright. But I’m moving to New York in April, look me up when you go touring.

I’ll promo the shit out of you X


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