Old mate Mesita is face melting.


I meant to post about Mesita days go, I lined it up – I liked it on Soundcloud, I started a post – and then – boom – life happened. It’s hard when life happens, that said – if life happening is the biggest problem I have – I’m doing pretty well.

There is something just so magic about Mesita’s latest track Hostages (which, BTW is a free download, hit it). It could be the piano chiming through, it could be the slow but persistant drums – I don’t even know. But I’m going to stop fighting it, and just let the wave roll over.

Hailing from Colorado somewhere, the woods seem to agree with his overall vibe. I think if living in semi-remote nature’ish places agreed with my creativity (or what little I have) I would probably live bush as well. Problem is – I get cabin fever with isolation. Less than ideal.

Stay isolated Mesita, it agrees with you.



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