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So – I just found this one over at Poule d’Or’s facebook page, I guess I was sort of stalking. Sometimes I do that, I lurk. It’s ok. I’m ok with it. I think if you come to terms with your lurky’ness then it’s not actually lurking, it’s just being inquisitive. Right?

Anyway, this is sort of a major production by Okinawa Lifestyle.. I think I have written about them before, but who knows. Sometimes I think I have written about people and it turns out, I didn’t – I just sent the link to a friend.. I have a shocking memory, semi scary. (I haven’t – to quell curiosity)

Great number to just listen to while you work, hang out, clean, participate in life. It’s nay offensive, and will absolutely support/ nurture any mood you happen to be in.. Manic? covered. Elated? I could totally fly a bit to this set. Pensive? Who doesn’t want to think to Lo Fi – WHO!?

BLAH BLAH BLAH, have a listen. Absolutely glorious X  
…thank you Hendrik (hey Hendrik, is it with a hard H or a soft one.. meaning ‘endrik OR HENdrik.. Get me?)


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