Ok – this isn’t very me, but obsession with Vektroid..


OK. So – the joys of being self diagnosed A.D.D. is that I can excuse my completely diverse (not sure that is the right word) music taste. I mean it can’t be that weird because all you guys come here and listen and go oh snap- I’ll come back etc. But, sometimes it gets a bit bent. And I wonder why I like things – but then really stop questioning and remember I should probably be taking adderall and that would make me far less interesting.

So I found this EP from Vektroid. And it’s kind of not what I would really normally be into with all it’s lo-fi’ness. But I am kind of digging it. Is it because it is night time and I’m pre posting?? Is it because at 8:54 while I am sitting in bed, I actually want to get off the computer and go to sleep? – I don’t believe it’s any of these things. I think it is that I truly like this.

Try it on for size. Maybe you will dig it, possibly not – but at least you can say you had a go.


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