Ohhhh Futurecop! you did it again etc. etc.


Futurecop! = banging. Statement, that is the end of it.. Now onto my next point: I have gone through 2 stages of the Naked and Famous.

  1. When they first hit the scene
  2. this last week – on my runs

Caught this version last week via All Things Go, and I was so-so about it.. But today – it is fitting of a Friday. Because I am keen to disco, and by disco – I mean drink. Gone are the days where I really go out to disco (which is so sad, because I do love to disco) – I now find myself in a dive bar, drinking cheap vodka and eye’ing off the hipsters.

Anyway, swoon out to Futurecop!/ the Naked and Famous – because Fridays are making a comeback.

Listen over at All Things Go and/or Download Young Blood (Futurecop! remix) by clicking the link.


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