Oh you guys.. YES – Boy Things.


I like my fans, on the face. Semi weird calling them fan’s because probably just under a 1/3 of them are my mates, so not really fans – as obligated mates.

But nonetheless – I like them. And one of the reasons I like them is because they are chatty. They send me things – and post obscure whatevers on my wall, and that my friends is nice. We are mates. We should be friends – I spam your feed often enough, we should get along.

So my mate Mei (fan and also mate – and yes, I say mate) sent this to me by way of my wall, like a month ago. I meant to post it, but then I got distracted – and life happened, and I forgot. Well life is not currently happening – and now I have remembered. YAY!

Intro Boy Things. I thought they were so wonderfully UK’ish which then made me want to pack my bags and move there. But I wouldn’t do that because music from the US/ Canada is pretty epic also. and frankly – Australia has some pretty sassed out tunes as well, so maybe I should just head the fuck home and embrace my people.. If we are basing an international relocation on music alone – these are all valid points.

However it seems this team hails from New Jersey, like Ronnie and Snooki! YAY – nobody is relocating for this group, everyone is STAYING WHERE THEY ARE!

Have a quick listen, and maybe fan their Facebook.


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