Oh Oliver Tank, you really are beautiful – date me.


By way of Oliver Tank – I am literally losing my shit. He has an EP out – which is pay what you want over at his bandcamp, and may I just say it is fucking delightful..

I want you (Oliver Tank) to teach me how to dance real-slow. I want you to sing to me – and for me not to get weird about it. Oliver – I want to get a drink with you when I am back home in 2 weeks and we can manage all of the above and SO MUCH MORE.

Wanna be my date to my best friends wedding? I will look really pretty, and I may very well be the funnest person you will ever meet. And I have clever eye lashes – they are long, without trying very hard.

I feel like we really could be the power couple of modern day Australia. You + Me and my clever eyelashes, we can run this town. Care not about the 6 year age difference, I seriously think I am in love with you.

What are you thoughts…? Don’t say no – think about it.


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