In an effort to get everything I want this Christmas – I am listing it here.. YES! So if you love me, which I’m sure some of you do, buy me something from this list – but if you could all get to together about it before purchase, that would be awesome – because I only need one of each.. Meaning – I don’t need 7 nail polishes.

  1. Lanvin Snow Globe – isn’t it pretty.. It’s purely the novelty factor.. $198.57 (€150.00)
  2. Retro Super Future / Lucia M&A Puma – been lusting over these for a few months now.. $198.57 (€150.00)
  3. Cradle of Finger Ring / Silver Dragon – there is something so very naughty about this claw ring, lusting. $34.00
  4. Kermit Tesoro / Skull heeled ankle boots – these are shut the front door fabulous, forget the fact I can’t wear heels very well, and just focus on how well I will rock them. $Price Unknown
  5. Willow / the Shadow Bodysuit – God knows when or how I would wear this but it is glorious. all I need is a someone to razzle dazzle – and this would be appropriate. I mean, fuck – this should be appropriate all the time. It’s GLORIOUS! $768.00 (£495.00)
  6. Leopard Crop Jacket – No brander jacket from Nasty Gal (hate the name, love the online store) – it could be that I am just massively obsessed with this model – but really think it’s that I am OBSESSING over this bluey hued number. $58.00
  7. Chanel Nail Colour / Le Vernis Black Velvet – Delicious colour – not black, not navy, not beige, BUT a blacky, grey colour that is just making my superficial things loving heart melt. $25.00
  8. Dolce Vita / Ryan Alpaca Cape – Tribal oversized and GLAMOR. Get me a drum and I’m done. $264.00
  9. Tea Pret-a-Portea Fashion – Who doesn’t want to have tea with their Unkle Karl, Donna or Jean-Paul..? WHO!! The other ones I might consider are Tea Holy Birth Tea, have a cuppa with Jesus – YES PLEASE! $12.95
  10. Sam Edelman / Zoe boot – To be honest, I actually really want the Balenciaga boot that these were copied from – but I don’t think I have any friends that are luxe enough to get these for me.. So – Sam Edel. will do, have wanted for AGES (I think almost over a year now) – but the age old problem has stopped me from getting them – my inability to carry myself gracefully in things with the heel. $199.95 (Balenciaga $1,795, just in case.)

Other things I also want – but couldn’t fit on here, and don’t know how much ($$) or necessarily where to buy:

  • Jesus statue – I found this one in a store in Austin, TX – somewhere on South Congress, but – there are Jesus freaks everywhere, so I’m sure you could locate this in other US states – doubt you would find in Australia..
  • Boar or Deer skull – I wont discriminate – Also found in Austin, TX (Austin actually had some pretty cool shit going on there) – and they were totally inexpensive (can’t remember exact price, maybe $40?)
  • Clutch made from keyboard keys – paying homage to my techy job. Not that my job is techy – but the industry.. maybe?
  • Old American (BIG) flag – I want this for my wall. I have an empty wall – I think it’s a nice way to honour America (fuck yeah?)
  • Chanel Half Tint sunglasses – these were only really worn on the runway, and given to celebs.. You can totally buy them – I think they are around $120 – google search that shit babes..

Merry Christmas! X


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