Oh-my-oh-my – it’s a Gleeky girl crush, so sue me.


Ok – so super geeky confession.. I love Glee. Yeah, I am one of THOSE arseholes. I don’t know what it is, the singing, the dancing, the incessant want to pash Cory Monteith’s face off – I don’t know. But I love that shit..

And the girls on it are such inspirations for me.. Mainly because if you look at the first season compared to now, Leah Michelle and Dianna Agron have both dropped some weight, and look amaze. Like – AMAZE. Inspiration, of the achievable skinny variety. SIGH!

Anyway – I love D.A (Dianna Agron) she is just so fucking beautiful,. And I hate calling people that, it is so meaningful – I feel like boys should say that to girls they like, and girls should call each other babes – I’m emotionally retarded, live with it. But she is actually just divine. Skin like a porcelain doll, perfectly fitted features, non-intimidating body. Does it sound like I am talking about a vehicle.. weird, little bit.

She really is a big fav of mine. it helps she is on Glee and I love glee, it helps that she is this semi bitchy looking thing but ends up seeming sort of nice, and it helps that she isn’t rail thin. I do love ogling the rail thin, I mean they are troopers for being able to maintain. But, shamefully – I love the femmes who’s bods I could possibly replicate, if I had enough discipline to not eat the bread (SAY NO TO BREAD!… starts Monday)

My only complaint with D.A is that it seems no one else is catching on. Googling the photos of this one, turned up v. little. GET IT TOGETHER lusty fashion mags, fuckkk.

Apprec. adore and shamefully lust over this one > it’s a Friday, and anything goes.


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