Oh – mate. Friday’s babe.. KILLER.


There are barely any words for Aline Weber. BARELY. But at the same time – so many. I’m sorry – but this femme is so smoking hot. Like – hello totally Scandi looking babe. Jesus. I remember this one time I was in Atlanta (years ago) I was sitting out the front of a McDonalds smoking a ciggie and this woman came outside and spoke to me in gurgling Chinese (Danish) asking for a lighter – don’t ask me for the actual words, I do not speak a lick of Dane. Anyway – greatest compliment I had that day/ ever – “Oh you aren’t Danish?” Excuse me – miss. Get in my pocket, RIGHT NOW.

Scandi’s are just so god damn divine looking – with their fair hair, skin, and clear eyes. UGH. Could I be one? – like right now. But you know what – this femme, not Scandi. Brazilian. And if you thought it didn’t get better, she is born in the 80’s! Heyyyyo – not feeling so old anymoreeeee.

What I really love about ye fair Aline, is her ability to rock the orange’ish lips. I fucking dig that. Not sure I can pull it off without getting that weird attention I hate from mates. You know the one where it’s sort of condescending, like: “Oh look at you in your little lipstick. Don’t you look adorbs.” Things that bother me about that – if it’s not clear already – calling anything “little” is what you say to children, about their clothes – because their clothing is in fact small. Meanwhile – you can’t say this about lipstick – how can lipstick be “little”, fucktard. AND referring to my lipstick as cute when it is obviously fierce like Tyra is offensive. Get it right.

What were we talking about…? Oh – Aline. Divine divine divine. I mean – Fridays are not normally one to disappoint when and if they participate.

Which at the moment – is on the reg.


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