Oh it’s the NEED-NEED-NEED-WANT-WANT-WANT files today


Oh dear Lord. I need this holster thing from (IN)DECOROUS TASTE. I need this to wear over a bullshit singlet top with jeans, or over the leather jacket I am yet to buy and similarly cannot afford. I need this to scare people into submission when I say “Hey! BECAUSE I SAID SO!” I need this, because it is so sick – it almost makes me cry.

But I cannot have this, because:

  1. I also need to go to Texas for Austin City Limits
  2. I very much need to go to Mexico to celebrate my day of birth
  3. I must buy a fabulous dress to wear as a bridesmaid for my best friends wedding
  4. I cannot bring myself to spend $350 on this + tax, now that I am a resident of the USA – you people like to hold your money close, a semi new custom for me. I’m not sure where you think you will take it once you are gone. Howeves, who am I to judge, realise I do – very much.

RAH RAH RAH I need it. Almost more than I need the new 13″ MacBook Air.. No – this is a lie, I need the MacBook Air more – it will validate my existance in a way which nothing else will nor is able.

Le sigh, so much to need and not enough cash.


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